Cognium Placements

School Placements

Finding The Right School

At the end of every educational phase, it is necessary to move to another. The plethora of choices can seem very confusing and the process daunting. It can seem easier to simply opt for a family school or a recommended school.

Research has proven however, that finding the right school for each individual child plays a huge part in the success of that child educationally. There are many factors to be considered in choosing a school. A child who feels like a square peg in a round hole will not thrive in that environment.

At Cognium we ensure the right placements by using a tried and tested method of assessments, creation of an individual education plan and selection of appropriate schools.

The next stage then is to prepare to obtain a place at the chosen schools. Our exam interview preparation process is designed to provide the necessary support and ensure success.

We provide various packages, with a choice of Bronze, Silver or Gold. In addition, we work with you if your requirements differ from our standard packages.