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Welcome to Cognium, your one stop shop for all things educational. We provide advisory, educational support and consultancy services for parents, students and schools. We are more than simply a school placement service – we place a very high premium on education, providing professional, expert advisory services and support to help make the years spent in education fulfilling.

Educational environments are constantly evolving with many options for your child to progress to the next level. In the UK, new qualifications such as the Pre-U and new grading such as the new A* at A level are constantly being introduced.

Calling on over 15 years of involvement in the UK and Nigerian educational environments, Cognium Consulting is uniquely placed to help you negotiate the minefield of choice and meet all your educational needs. We invite you to browse through our website, starting with this page and please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any assistance and/or further information, by filling in the Cognium Contact Us page or emailing us at

Find the right school and more…

We assist Nigeria resident parents with finding the right UK boarding school for their children. For Non-UK citizens, we assist you in finding the best private (independent) boarding school place for your child, whether at sixth form or at any other stage in their education. We are well placed to advise UK citizens resident in Nigeria on their additional options including day schools and state boarding schools. We support you from the beginning to the end of the application process and only recommend the best quality schools available for your child. Whilst we provide you with information to the UK school league tables, we go beyond the information contained therein in our assessment of schools.

Our service also includes help with filling application forms, exam and interview preparation, travel and accommodation planning and when your child has taken up their place in the school of your choice, a reliable guardianship service which goes beyond the expected.

Our enrichment services for students being educated in Nigerian schools include Creative Writing and English Language workshops, Holiday play schemes and international educational trips.

Our services to UK resident parents include finding the right UK private (independent) school for your child, whether you seek a boarding or day place or indeed a UK state boarding school place, whichever meets your requirements. Our comprehensive assessment process matches your child with the best possible school taking into consideration your requirements and your child’s talents, abilities and personality.

In addition, for parents who wish to immerse their children in Nigerian culture by sending them to school in Nigeria for a period of time, we also assist you in securing a place at a top private school in Nigeria. We will recommend day or boarding places at the right school for your child, taking into account the child’s non-Nigerian experience thus far. We have a network of Nigeria based guardians who will liaise with the school on your behalf and ensure that your child has a friendly, familiar adult to go to for all their needs.

Our services to Nigerian schools include a comprehensive consultancy service for budding school proprietors from business planning right through to lesson planning. We assist established schools to set up holiday play schemes, with the option of sending your students to our excellently run holiday play schemes. Also in recognition of the need for the appropriate environment for children to do homework, we assist schools in setting up and staffing their homework clubs. We also run parental workshops and seminars on your behalf, strengthening the home school relationship and helping your students to achieve their best. You can work with us with full confidence that your UK bound students will receive the very best advice and placement services.

Our Early Years Services are available to Montessori and mainstream nursery and primary schools. We provide professional development for your staff, enrichment schemes for staff and students, phonics teaching for staff and students, and much more.

What Stage Are You At?

The service you require depends entirely on the stage your child is at. The usual points in a child’s education at which a change of school might occur are:

11+ entry

This is the transition from primary school into secondary school with children usually aged between 11 and 12 years of age. Examinations are taken to enter Year7 (1st year of Secondary school)

13+ entry

Traditionally a feature of boys’ schools, this is now very popular with many schools in the UK. Children enter into Year 9 aged between 13 and 14.

Sixth form entry

This is the two year period at the end of secondary school. Students can opt to study for the A Level or the International Baccalaureate. Entrance at this stage depends heavily on the quality of GCSE/ IGCSE results obtained.


This is a one year program at the end of secondary school at age 16+. This is a popular choice for parents whose children have done the 6 year Nigerian curriculum program.


Similar to the foundation program, the Pre-U is a two year course specifically aimed at preparing students for the rigours of university study.

Non-Standard Cases

Occasionally, a child may require more specific solutions which we are happy to provide. Contact Us for further information about re-sits and combinations of courses etc.